Wpf listview observablecollection not updating dating tephra layers

And the same thoughts result from doing it with XAML.It’s just a few hours task, anybody can easily do it like this.Here are some screen shots of the Cinch V2 demo apps: Community based articles: How to convert a Silverlight Navigation Application to use MVVM using Cinch V2.

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For example, you can instantiate the collection in XAML and specify the collection as a resource, as shown here: The objects in your collection must satisfy the requirements described in the Binding Sources Overview.

when a property changes on one of the items in the collection. I can't figure out what you're actually trying to do, but I think you might benefit from looking at Continuous LINQ -- clinq.

will only trigger when the collection object gets changed, such as when it gets set to a new object, or set to null.

Introduction XAML is a markup language that is currently very popular.

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