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Now the quartet can barely get though a concert without a barrage of knickers being pelted at their heads."Every time it happens, it is a shock," says David. You are in the moment and you are performing and all of a sudden, whack! Or they wanna shake your hand and you go to shake their hand and all of a sudden there is a thing in your hand and it is a pair of panties and you say oh… thank you."Bringing up the rear is Sébastien who, by general Divo fan base consensus, is the best-looking in the group.Tonight, by way of disguise, he is wearing a jaunty white panama. Poor, handsome Seb is the one who suffers most from the indignities visited upon the group by the more demonstrative Divas, which is how the fans style themselves."I was sitting in the limousine outside a London studio and fans were passing things through the window to be signed," he says.Urs Toni Bühler (born 19 July 1971 in Willisau, Lucerne, Switzerland) is a classically trained tenor.

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At that time, he was already receiving music lessons at the Academy for School and Church Music.

He’s joined by the catalogue-attractive Frenchman Sébastian Izambard, 40, and the swashbuckling Marín.

The 45-year-old’s arrival is presaged by a cloud of aftershave that almost blows the door off its hinges.

Yet anyone scrutinising their progress could tell by the way they move through the crowd that they are stars; the kind of celebrities who are used to being mobbed and have good reason to be fearful of groups of women.

David, the American Divo, moves fast and wears a baseball cap pulled low over his eyes.


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