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“I used to wait tables, and I would scare people just by my inability to have simple exchanges, like asking, ‘Hi. “I was very nervous socially, and that translated to my personality onstage.” She moved to Los Angeles from San Fran around ’94, and performed in clubs alongside the likes of Patton Oswalt, Kathy Griffin, Jack Black, David Cross and Bob Odenkirk. Show,” and the awkwardness that had made her too weird to wait tables became an asset.

“There was a scene in a doughnut shop with Bob, who played this really gross guy whose ear was bleeding,” she recalls.

She can currently be seen on the newly picked up pilot HIGHSTON or as Boyle's girlfriend on BROOKLYN 99, a drunk teacher on THOSE WHO CAN'T and also a lawyer on THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE.

On the big screen, Mary Lynn recently wrapped shooting IN SEARCH OF FELLINI, now in post-production.

She is a graduate of Trenton High School in Michigan and attended the San Francisco Art Institute, studying painting.

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It was almost like [we put] the person that had tried to wait tables in a sketch, and she met her match.” “Mr. “I would wear men’s T-shirts that were like, ‘OK, this one’s not too dirty,’ and maybe brush my hair on a good day, and go into these casting offices.” The editor on “Punch-Drunk Love,” in which Rajskub played Adam Sandler’s sister, showed her to the creator of “24,” who wound up writing the role of Chloe O’Brian specifically for her. That became something people identified with my character.” As for identifying with her stand-up, Rajskub says the audience at Carolines can expect a more structured and personal performance — and no tape.

Mary Lynn Rajskub is best known for her iconic performance as “Chloe” on FOX’s 24, which she has reprised on 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY, the number-one rated show of 2014.

She has appeared in recurring arcs on 2 BROKE GIRLS and CALIFORNICATION, and was a regular panelist on CHELSEA LATELY.

Mary Lynn Rajskub was born on June 22, 1971, in Detroit, Michigan, the United States to Betty and Tony Rajskub. Her dad is a pipefitter of Czech plunge, and her mom filled in as a drug specialist’s associate.

He moved on from Trenton High school in 1989 and moved to Detriot’s school to ponder Creative Studies.


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