Tory dating

A wacky Tory politician who is an expert on ghosts, aliens and UFOs is heading for Brussels after being made an MEP by the party.Rupert Matthews has written a string of books about ghostly goings-on and has taught a course in the paranormal at a university in the US.

When the Cameron government was having to cut – or at least trim – spending after the financial crisis, it was only the libertarians who spoke up for it; and it was only a small subset of these people who, day in day out, made the economic argument for Brexit (which the PM now supports) in the run-up and in the immediate aftermath of the referendum.

The Grand Master said the Orange Order now had more elected politicians in Scotland among its membership than at any time in nearly 20 years.

He said the organisation had members on councils in North and East Ayrshire, as well as in South and North Lanarkshire.

Poor children are to be made poorer unless their mothers can prove that they were raped.

Sometimes all it takes is one subclause of a single policy to show the true face of an administration, and this nasty little addendum to the Welfare Reform and Work Bill is shocking in its casual cruelty.


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