Summer glau dating

Casting News: Fans of Joss Whedon’s “Firefly” can look forward to a small reunion on the set of “Castle.” Summer Glau is set to guest star opposite her former “Firefly” co-star Nathan Fillion, TVLine reports.

This won’t be the first time “Castle” has hosted “Firefly” reunion.

She has had three main relationships over the years.

She is presently dating an actor, Tim Loden, right now.

Tim Loden has been seen in some projects including the hit series, ‘Bloodlines.' The two have been going out since 2009.

Caption: Yvonne Strahovski and Tim Loden going for Christmas shopping together in Hollywood on Saturday (December 19, 2009) So, she has been going out for seven years with her boyfriend now or have they?

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There are a few sites like ‘lovebirdsblog’ stated that they had split up in 2012.The WWE Superstar, however, moved to deny the photos are of her.She wrote on Twitter, “As they say, dont believe everything you see on the internet.“Earlier this year I was speaking with [showrunner] Wendy Mericle, and I was like, ‘Look, there’s two things that we’re no longer allowed to write about Oliver: We’re no longer allowed to call him a billionaire, because … And we’re currently not allowed to say ‘playboy’ — he’s dated one woman since Season 2, and he had a fling with Isabel Rochev (played by Summer Glau).That’s it.’ Perhaps to such an end, viewers may have already met the next woman to strike a spark with Mayor Handsome — and “Human Target” Christopher Chance deserves some props for playing wingman, while wearing Oliver’s face.“I don’t know if he’s ready to move on, but it’s time for Oliver to have another relationship,” Stephen Amell said on Wednesday during TVLine’s visit to the CW series’ Vancouver set.


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