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), 35% have had a one night stand and 36% have sent a naked picture or video of themselves to someone else.

the UK average age for first time sex is 17 years and seven months, which is older than in many other European countries.

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According to author Amy Calhoun, it’s fine to kiss a friend without putting the marriage in jeopardy. In fact, attraction to other people seemed to her to be a normal aspect of marriage, even happy marriages.

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If you or a loved one are suffering, you may want to read on…We even will not ask for your email address when signing up as a free member.Most people assume that addiction always involves alcohol or drugs; the reality is that addiction is an illness of the individual’s brain and that it is possible for a sufferer to become addicted to almost anything…or anyone.In Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, for example, youngsters are likely to be sexually active around their 16An average of four sex partners also makes British youth less experienced than many other countries, with Sweden and Germany (both with an average of seven) in pole position.In Britain, 35% of 15-25 year-olds questioned had had just one sexual partner, 18% had had two, 12% had had three - and just 16% more than seven.Despite this 20% of UK respondees put sex in their top three of leisure time activities - meaning it comes fifth overall, after the internet (really - cat videos are better than sex?


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