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Christine: My mother is always complaining about the mess in my room.

Okay, a joke's a joke, but, let's get back to the show now. This shows is packed full of brand-new, super-duper, funny and zany comedy, it's all new and even better than before. Christine: I went on that Super Loop ride at the amusement park the other day, you know, the one where it goes up and then it goes around and around and then it comes back down, except this time it stopped right at the top.[An Opposite Sketch. A little chocolate cake binge would have meant another five pounds. Christine: You know, when you're doing a TV show and you're trying to remember your lines like I am right now, you tend to develop a lot of really strange fears. Lisa and Marjorie are seated on Valerie's half of the couch.]Barth: Of course not! And besides, there's not enough meat on her bones to even bother with. Your father would probably be very pleased to know that you have similar tastes in literature. The only reason I went out with him is because I felt sorry for him...

If you're confused about our move from Cam to Cam .should be!

For my big brorther missed each and every day by the people who truly knew him you took a piece of my heart the day you went away.

Sometimes a place is so special to you, it feels like it couldn't possibly continue after you're gone. I hate to bail, but I've been asked to do a commercial for the Boys and Girls Club of America, and I just can't turn down community service. This message is coming to you either from beyond the grave or because I am in the grip of insanity.

Well, just let me tell ya, I'm not taking this anymore! [starts to walk away, but the sound of a spring malfunctioning is heard and Christine freezes in place. Schidtler: Kevin, I must say I'm impressed with the way that you've changed for the better in your attitude toward your schoolwork lately. How about [writing on the blackboard] "D-E-T-I-N-S-H-O-N" - "detention"! Announcer: [after the closing credits roll, over a shot of Lisa, Christine and Kevin being gobbled up by a Pac-Man] You Can't Do That On Television has been an Eat 'Em Up Production. Prevert [to Dougie, her son] So you see Dougie dear, as long as we have more and bigger bombs than the Russians, there will never have a nuclear war.

Here we are slaving away all day and not a word of thanks from you, and you sit out there and enjoy yourselves! Except we can't really make it about drugs or we'd get taken off the air. The idea that anyone would want to push a custard pie in their own face is just about as stupid as the idea that anyone would want to harm their bodies with dangereous and additive drugs, I mean custard pies. I have to tell her, "No, Mom, I'm actually addicted to tidiness, but I'm doing a very good job of overcoming that addiction."Mr. Maybe I can help you with that nine-letter word - yes, and maybe I can even let you experience it. My daughter Jill wants to know, what did ya think of her song?

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