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Well homegirl took to twitter and decided to air her feelings out: Well Royce made sure to let Christina know she saw the tweets: Hit the flip for Christina’s message to Dezmon and her proof of the texts for Royce…

UPDATE: Dwight Howard actually ended up suing Royce Reed for .2 million, 0 for every time that remarks that Royce made, termed “Dwight Bashing”, were viewed online.

We know she appeared on VH1’s Basketball Wives, but we’re guessing she didn’t make nearly that much money…Dwight Howard’s ex girlfriend, and mother of his child, Royce Reed was a dancer for the Magic during the 05-06 season when the two met.

He once said he wanted to put a cross into the NBA logo. It was a beautiful surprise, though.”This happiness didn’t last long as Reed ended up taking Howard to court in April, 2008 for child support.

We are really trying to come up with something else and she's aware of it," O' Neal told the Ministry in a phone interview. "He's been extremely supportive and patient, and I'm so appreciative," she said, "because it's dumb stuff like this that can really mess up somebody's relationship.

Guess that's what happens when a "basketball wife" starts dating outside the basketball arena, and can't talk about the basketball player who's the father of her child? But he's standing by me and supporting me and knows what's BS and what's not." Exec producer O' Neal said she's in talks to cast a replacement for Reed, whom she said is building up hype in the hopes that fans fight for her to stay.

might remember when Royce Reed’s now ex-boyfriend was outed after the mother of his child posted racy and inappropriate text messages between them. Don't say ignore it, let it go, or be the bigger person...

Well even though it’s years later, Reed has turned the tables on the situation and is causing viewers everywhere to gasp out loud after she dropped a major bomb on social media. When ppl throw dirt on me its my duty to come out clean!


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