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Nana Akua Addo who has refused to make any public response after Bibi Bright’s rather shocking relations about her, has been heard in a leaked audio available to, defending herself and blaming Actress/TV host Selly Galley as the person behind everything Bibi said about her on Instagram.In a series on Instagram posts, furious Bibi Bright on Wednesday evening October 19, 2016 accused Nana Akua of being an attention seeker, a backbiter, a gossip, deliberately sabotaging other acts in the industry and causing confusion among celebrities.The pageant aims at giving young Ghanaian ladies the platform to showcase not only their beauties, but most importantly their talents, and creativity.The theme for the pageant is Impacting The World Through Beauty.Climate change reduced the reliability of the wet and dry season migration patterns and migration southward has been steadily increasing since the droughts of 1960s and 1970s.This case study will analyze two main phases of Fulani herdsmen migration and the correlating migrant destination regions in Ghana (Northern and Middle Volta Basin).In the leaked audio Nana Akua did not necessarily deny Bibi’s allegations against her but rather asked Bibi to show evidence to substantiate her claims. Nana Akua has disclosed that if there is any snitch in this whole scandal, that must be actress Selly Galley because she is the only one who is close to almost all the female celebrities mentioned in Bibi’s Instagram post.According to Nana Akua, Bibi mentioned that she has said bad thing about actress Zynnell Zuh and other female celebrities but both Zynnell Zuh and Bibi Bright are not her friends adding that the only mutual friend they all share is Selly.

Nana Akua Addo has finally broken her silence after several allegations were rained on her by her fellow actress Bibi Bright.These semi- arid conditions were not most conducive to farming which allowed Fulani pastoralist little interference and competition in the lands of Sahel.Herdsmen would only venture south temporarily during the dry season obeying pastoral routes and using only land that had been designated for them by their Southern neighbors.Too Sweet Annan, Princess Shyngle, Jose Tolbert and Janice Gash will storm the Tulip Inn Hotel not to act but to serve as judges for the maiden edition of the Miss Galaxy Ghana 2015 auditions.The Miss Galaxy Ghana is an environmental focus pageant that seeks to empower young beautiful Ghanaian ladies to become influential actors in the fight against poor environmental practices in Ghana.If Zynnell also hears something about me where will it come from? And Selly is a friend of Bibi so if Bibi would hear sometime about me that I have not discussed with her, where would it come from?


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