Malcolm x on interracial dating

One of the most well-known, yet surprising interracial unions belongs to famed Bahamian actor and trail blazer, Sidney Poitier.

The first African-American actor to win an Academy Award (for his role in ), Poitier instantly became an icon for generations of soon-to-be black actors and actresses.

So many, oh so many white girls posted pictures with their Black boyfriends with captions, like “this is what he died for,” or “MLK’s dream.” Now the problem is not interracial dating (like I truly don’t care who you date or marry).

The problem is YT people reducing MLK’s life works to some funky little mixed relationship and baby. King’s overall goal just was interracial dating, in fact, and I know this may come as a surprise to some, it wasn’t even one of his goals.

Indeed, a cursory sweep of interracial dating sites in Canada shows that many deal more in titillation than lasting connection, leading to frustration for those singles who are looking for something more nuanced than clichéd, short-term hookups which focus on race above all else.

Happily, for those tired of being put in these boxes, there are Canadian dating sites out there that offer more; sites designed for those trying interracial dating or international dating because they want contentment, commitment and compatibility across a wide range of factors. At Elite Singles we offer more than just a safe and secure dating service: we make it a priority to create deeply compatible matches between singles who are looking for a lasting partnership.

It wasn’t long before he would pen his first autobiography, .

After escaping slavery, Douglass turned his attention to the budding abolitionist movement sweeping the North.

But of course, YT people have the uncanny ability to make everything about themselves while missing the big, overarching point. Many of us are not strangers to the weird memes of biracial children or interracial couples that usually have some caption that alludes to the end of racism.

Maybe because King preached peace and was more inclusive with his movement than others, YT people today think his overall goal was interracial dating, mixed babies, and for Black people to be docile. But yesterday, these posts were turned up to the max!

My explore page on Instagram was FILLED with these type of posts.

It looked as if YT people grabbed the closest Black person they knew, took a picture, and made some generic ass MLK hashtag.


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