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His 2012 show at the Palace had brought the emotional moments, his 2013 DTE date had brought the party, and at the Joe he brought all of it together, in his most cohesive, taut Detroit performance yet.In front of a diverse crowd that came with energy on full-tilt, he took the stage atop a set fashioned like an inner-city street block, flanked by a live band and DJ Mo Beatz.I believe that my favorite videogames, from Angry Birds 2 to Battlefield 4, all evoke emergent gameplay and that in order to avoid creating a negatively-competitive creative workplace, departments must instance objects (whether it’s Art with or Level Design with for efficiency and continuity between levels.In 2016, I’m working on a variety of personal projects including a multi-player mobile game designed around emergent teamplay and two new FPS multiplayer levels."Paradise" led the way in a fast-paced, muscular show that found Big Sean periodically disappearing for outfit changes (one of them a Detroit Red Wings jersey, also donned by his Rico the Lion mascot).It was a two-hour display of mutual affection between Big Sean and his Detroit audience, replete with "family" references and hometown pride."Detroit, I love you more than anything in the world," he said, calling the night an honor and reflecting on his high school days at Cass Tech when a night like this was just the stuff of dreams.Brian Ronald, an engineering inspector and lead union learning representative with Unite the Union, was among 560 students who had their degrees conferred at Saturday’s (29 October) Open University (OU) degree ceremony at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall.The 42 year old, who lives in East Kilbride and works for Rolls-Royce, completed his Bachelor of Science (BSc) Open degree through a unique partnership between Unite the Union, Rolls-Royce and The OU.

In addition to my wife Ashley, I know many Rolls employees, and you all do awesome work.

I got my apprenticeship, so I was basically a tradesman and had the practical experience when I started the theoretical studies which was really quite good.

“I’ve found that with a lot of the materials and learning we’ve done, because I’ve been working in an engineering role, I’ve been able to apply things as I go.

The project, which has received support from Scottish Union Learning and the Scottish Funding Council, provides opportunities for engineering workers to study OU courses for professional and personal development.

Brian, as the lead union learning representative in his workplace, is heavily involved in running the project, as well as participating himself.


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