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More than a few of these songs have graced your playlist and if they haven’t, we’ve just given you a female empowerment pack.

While the music industry, like many others, is dominated by men, these women demonstrate they have the power to change the world through their powerful words and voices.

Check out 20 Songs to Celebrate the Superwoman in You.

, the song was an ode to many iconic females throughout history including Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, Shirley Chisholm and Angela Davis.

Ladies singers of all genres have allowed us women to feel proud of who we are and just plain fab-u-lous.

Boys, we know you can’t resist moving to these, either. Now get a couple martinis, some friends, play these tunes and go on with your bad selves!

“I design a structure and other people live in it.”It’s one of the qualities that makes him such a skilled composer and songwriter.“His music, I find, is very easy to sing because he’s done all the work for you. It’s all there,” Broadway vet Audra Mc Donald said.

Greatest line: “You must talk so big, to make up for smaller things!

Staying out late, ignoring calls- two can play that game! Greatest line: “Tonight you gon’ stay home while I’m runnin’ the street! “Independent Women” by Destiny’s Child Wanna know what we think about you, Destiny’s Child? The fabulous trio brought us this contagious theme song for independent women everywhere. Keep the momentum going and listen her new song “Girls Night” from her newest EP during your pregame.

“I just want to die without you,” sobs the boy with “bubblegum on his shoes”, and he does indeed sound utterly bereft.

The music is wonderfully simpatico, all hushed acoustic guitar, aching harmonica and lowering cellos.


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