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Banda Aceh's head of investigations for the Sharia Police, Marzuki Ali, said the people who detained the pair on March 28 were neighbours of the men who were suspicious of the couple.

In the video, the religious policeman giggles as he describes their capture."Because of the suspicion, at around pm the locals raid the house, and they caught them having anal sex, through the 'back door'," he said.

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”If there's anyone following it, they will face the law and heavy social sanctions." His announcement on Wednesday came after two gay men were publicly caned in front of baying crowds wh called on enforcers to “hit them harder” as punishment for having sex. ” The crowd reportedly cheered with each strike of the cane on their backs by five hooded executioners who swapped to prevent tiring.

The couple, in their 20s, were sentenced to 85 lashes each by a Sharia court in Aceh province after being filmed by local vigilantes. One man managed to stand until the end of the ordeal, which human rights groups say amounts to torture, while the second broke down.

The young men, aged 20 and 23, have already been held in custody for 10 days and are likely to be the country's first gay couple to face trial for breaching religious laws.

In the latest example of Indonesia's growing religious conservatism, the men will be caned if convicted and face a maximum penalty of 100 strokes.


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