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The protocol for the Local Interconnect Network (LIN) is based on the Volcano-Lite technology developed by the Volvo spin-out company Volcano Communications Technology (VCT).

Anyway Ether CAT is an open protocol, therefore everybody can make its own terminal.The LIN protocol is a compliment to the CAN and the SAE J1850 protocols for applications that are not time critical or does not need extreme fault tolerance, since LIN is not quite as reliable as CAN.The aim of LIN is to be easy to use and a more cost effective alternative to CAN.Modern automotive networks use a combination of LIN for low-cost applications primarily in body electronics, CAN for mainstream powertrain and body communications, and the emerging Flex Ray bus for high-speed synchronized data communications in advanced systems such as active suspension.The LIN bus uses a master/slave approach that comprises a LIN master and one or more LIN slaves. LIN Message Frame The message header consists of a break used to identify the start of the frame and the sync field used by the slave node for clock synchronization.Ether CAT is a fast, low cost, and flexible Ethernet network protocol. The computer on which the controller runs is the Master, while devices that make data of connected I/O devices available for the master are called slaves. In 2004, Beckhoff helped to create a new group to promote the Ether CAT protocol and its efforts led to the Ether CAT Technology Group (ETG) to which they donated the rights of Ether CAT too.


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