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If you’re out at a fancy dinner, tell your girl how badly you want her across the table.this description is a description of a description describing a description of a description describing a description of description describing a description of a description describing in merely thirty words.indulgence Beyond favorites, there's something about knowing if a person prefers a mac or a pc (for example) that can be so telling about personality and how they tick.

I loved the beginning, when we were simply friends learning each other's favorite color or favorite type of music.If one woman says to him “I am kind of seeing someone” then it’s great to pull out the “Band-Aid” of a witty line to get around the objec­tion, and hope­fully move forward with her.I want to share an inter­est­ing analogy with you that will help you deal with women in a much more cool, calm, and col­lected way.However, later as I thought about it more, I real­ized I needed to go a step further and hit at the core of the problem. In life, you have two choices for dealing with problems.Often dealing with the symp­toms of the problem appears to be the fastest, best course of action. Let’s say your neighbor’s dog is shit­ting in your yard. So clearly solving prob­lems instead of symp­toms is the best course of action, unless you want to have a life where your yard is full of dog shit and you bleed to death.You can deal with the symptom of the problem and clean up the shit your­self. But in all like­li­hood the dog will come back and shit there again. You could keep attack­ing the bleed­ing by putting on Band-Aids to stop the bleed­ing, or you could go and get stitches to heal the wound per­ma­nently. The same thing holds true in dating and picking up women.


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    No matter where you are, or what you're doing, just know that there are thousands of lovely live girls waiting to talk to you.