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Alison Jane was one of the first journalists to champion ethical fashion, organic beauty and style in her features.

She styled Sienna Miller, then on the cusp of stardom, in the little-known fair-trade label People Tree, which created huge interest and led to Top Shop stocking the brand.

Below, you’ll find eight dating and personals websites that we found to be weirdly specific or just flat-out weird.

So if you’re on the prowl this spring for the 6-foot-5 horseback-riding, Crohn’s disease-suffering objectivist Trekkie of your dreams, then keep on reading. Farmers Only They say: “When I looked for sites for farmers online dating, I found sites that claimed to cater to farmers, ranchers, and country dwellers, but the majority of postings seemed to be from people living in big cities. Just looking at the postings, they sure didn't look like farmers to me!

Ecologist Dating is an online dating site for people who care about environmental issues and want to meet others interested in living ethically.

You can join for FREE and unlike most sites, there is some genuine free messaging (send AND receive) as a FREE member!

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As interest in Ethical Hedonist and Alison Jane's journalism goes global, our editor-in-chief is looking forward to mentoring more young journalists into the profession she loves with a passion and interviewing some stellar ethical icons! Work with Alison Jane, a stellar journalist, Triodos Bank Top 100 sustainable opinion former and modern Scheherazade and her talented team of filmmakers, videographers and social media whiz kids.

Over time the understanding between the two makes the vegan – non-vegan relationship a little less about what you eat and more about accommodating and respecting each other.

Their respect for you will not necessarily turn them into vegan, but they will start to understand your perspective and respect your decision, which is the foundation to a successful relationship.

In the matter of the heart, how far will a vegan go in order to stay in line with their ethics?

Some won’t have meat in the house, others won’t even hug somewhere wearing a leather jacket and many contemplate whether they could even have a relationship with an omnivore.


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