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Louise, who finished third on the dating series, hit headlines last year when she ran off to Thailand with Blake just a matter of weeks after he proposed to and then unceremoniously jilted the season's winner Sam Frost.

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It all happened when she wanted to go on a break – around the time I almost proposed.

I understand it can be challenging and rewarding all while sometimes being just plain downright scary. The risk feels overwhelming sometimes, especially if we aren’t quite seeing the reward we thought we would or as quickly as we hoped. Or we can sow in a field and we reap the harvest in that same field.

Sometimes it feels as though we may be treading in water that is taboo so to speak. We don’t really know and most the time can’t predict.

But my response for all of them is the same: There is nothing you can say or do to make her happy. Up until the past few years, researchers paid little attention to the colonies of bacteria that live in the lower gut.

Women can only make themselves happy, but men have the power to make them happier. First, we need to understand why she is feeling unhappy. Today, we know maintaining a healthy balance of good versus bad bacteria is important because people with more beneficial bacteria are less likely to suffer from a wide range of diseases and co...


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