Barbie dating hsu vic zhou

so it seems that before he went promoting in mainland, they broke up.When Da S was in HK yesterday, reporters asked her through assistant about that and the answer which came back was "Right." without giving any reason.I saw a lot of wonderful things through her."The couple's relationship began when Vic landed in a traffic accident after the shooting of Taiwanese drama, Mars.Barbie, his Mars co-star, was said to be the first person who rushed down to the accident site to see him.I didn't use to think so far, I always thought marriage was just marriage.] Hot off the press: It is basically all but confirmed that Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu (Da S) is engaged to her newest boyfriend, mainland Chinese uber-rich businessman Wang Xiaofei, who is five years younger. While neither side has confirmed the news reports which leaked yesterday (if you Google Barbie’s Chinese name, you’ll hit over 1200 news reports about the engagement within the last day), loose-lipped extended family members have let it slip in little ways that basically confirmed the engagement.Vic had once expressed his desire to get married after reaching 25 years old."I realise that marriage is really not an easy thing.

Yet, this past weekend, the DMV was giving out sunglasses at a promotional table in Watkins Glen.

Source: and Da S Breaking up issue Translated by biebiebie of Art_ID=30172187Since only appledaily reported it, till not sure if it's true or not... From appledaily, it seems that they broke up at the beginning of the month very peacefully...

They SAY yesterday in an event in HK, Da S through her assistant said "Right." that meaning that they broke up.

And Zaizai is in Nan Jing, whose manager said " Its real, but will give the details once back in TW"It's rumored that Da S wanted to get married but couldnt get to an agreement with ZZ who hasnt still been to the army and that's why they broke up.

But they say that Xu Mama said " That doesnt have anything to do with marriage, and expressed that the two wanted to focus more on their careers.


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