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Beginning in the 7th millennium BC, human populations moved into the Chadian basin in great numbers.By the end of the 1st millennium BC, a series of states and empires had risen and fallen in Chad's Sahelian strip, each focused on controlling the trans-Saharan trade routes that passed through the region.France conquered the territory by 1920 and incorporated it as part of French Equatorial Africa.

Have you wanted to join in but held back because of herpes?Resentment towards his policies in the Muslim north culminated in the eruption of a long-lasting civil war in 1965.Tel Aviv has long been a beacon of coexistence in a sea of tensions.Chad has several regions: a desert zone in the north, an arid Sahelian belt in the centre and a more fertile Sudanian Savanna zone in the south. Chad is home to over 200 different ethnic and linguistic groups.Lake Chad, after which the country is named, is the largest wetland in Chad and the second-largest in Africa. The religions of Chad are Islam (at 55%), followed by Christianity (at 40%).Darija is spoken and, to various extents, mutually understood in the Maghreb countries, especially Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, but it is unintelligible to speakers of other Arabic dialects, mainly for those in Egypt and the Middle East.


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